DC Qui Tam, Whistleblower News – IRS Tax Fraud Informant Program Requires Improvement

The IRS Whistleblower Informant Award Program is undergoing close scrutiny by Senate Finance Committee member Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa.) According to Grassley, the program is not acting often enough or swiftly enough, and this stagnancy is costing the Federal Government millions of much-needed revenue. The program is meant to reward employees and ordinary citizens that can identify and expose tax fraud, allowing the IRS to collect revenue it otherwise might have missed. Grassley notes that the purpose of such a program (other than to find revenue) is to take the burden off of law-abiding taxpayers.

Read on for more legal news regarding DC tax fraud and legal whistleblower (qui tam) protection

PMI-PMP Bootcamp March 31-April 3 2014 in Prince William, Lake Ridge VA; Valuable Project Management Training at the Northern Virginia Business Center

Trio Consulting at 3421 Commission Ct, Suite 100, Lake Ridge, VA (Prince William County, near Woodbridge) is offering a 4-day intensive PMI-PMP Bootcamp March 31-April 3 in preparation for PMP Certification in Northern Virginia. Visit the website or call 571-267-1445 for discounted rates today, using promo code “PMPMAR“.

As a source of information for small businesses in Woodbridge, Lake Ridge, Prince William County, and the rest of Northern Virginia, the Northern Virginia Business Center (NVABC) is happy to bring this necessity and training opportunity to your attention. The NVABC, a business incubation and startup facility for Northern Virginia, offers new or expanding businesses help with federal contracting, legal assistance, DC-area digital marketing and information technology, business strategies and planning, and many other advisory services for members. The NVABC’s proximity to the nation’s capital makes it a significant, effective source for business training and certification required to address most government programs and contracts.


Maryland Baltimore Workers Comp Insurance 2013 Cost Increases – QLN News

What professional occupations in Maryland are driving the greatest increases in costs of workers’ compensation insurance, over the past year? What expertise should you be seeking in a Maryland and Baltimore workers’ compensation lawyer?

The most recent workers compensation report out of the State of Maryland (The Maryland Insurance Administration, 2013 Report on Workers’ Compensation Insurance) generally depicts a competitive market for insurers, with a “modest” upwards trend over the past few years in “loss costs” due to injury experiences and benefits paid, along with rising medical and hospital fees. Loss cost data is a primary input used by the Maryland commercial insurance industry as a basis on which to calculate set their own premiums for workers’ compensation health insurance coverage.

The Quality Legal Network reviews these costs in terms of Baltimore Maryland workers compensation lawyer interests.

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Professional Legal Services – Maryland, Northern Virginia, DC

Maryland Divorce Lawyers and Attorneys
Maryland Divorce Attorneys and Family Law – Divorce litigation around DC can be difficult to experience, and difficult to win or settle to your satisfaction, within your budget. Check out Tough-Divorce-Lawyers.com – a new Virginia, DC and Maryland divorce lawyer and attorney confidential referral service, connecting you to the very top, most professional and results-oriented divorce lawyers in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia.

Baltimore Workers Compensation Lawyers - Quality Legal Network
Maryland Worker’s Compensation & Personal Injury Lawyers – If you’re hurt at work, on the job or in any way associated with your business or employment, find and get access to the very top Virginia, DC and Baltimore Maryland workers compensation and personal injury lawyer/attorney resources in the new Quality Legal Network. QLN is a professional network of expert, trusted personal injury and worker’s compensation attorneys in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia.

DC Car Accident Lawyers
DC Automobile & Car Accident Lawyers – Washington DC and its surrounding suburbs is an extremely challenging and dangerous place to drive – or walk or ride a bike for that matter. Tourists, foreigners, roadwork, commuters, students all add to the mix of diverse factors that contribute to car accidents and personal injury in DC. CarAccidentLawyerDC.com is your gateway to the most experienced and effective motor vehicle-related attorney resources and legal support available.

Check also information about Northern Virginia Home Services, and the Northern Virginia Dulles Metro Silver Line Fairfax Events Mobile App.

Baltimore, MD area Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury – The Quality Legal Network

Seeking help or legal guidance from a Baltimore Maryland (MD) workers’ compensation personal injury attorney?  Quality Legal Network is the very best, most experienced, professional and highest quality referral source for workers’ compensation legal representation for Baltimore area employees.


All too often a workplace personal injury isn’t properly handled, and the worker or employee isn’t properly compensated over the long term.  Whether at the time of the accident or injury, or long after (when the injury becomes more apparent), finding a trusted, experienced workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyer in Baltimore has been very difficult. It simply isn’t easy to wade through the advertisements, TV and Internet claims of every Baltimore lawyer or legal group claiming fast, unbelievable results.  Until now.

The Quality Legal Network Workers’ Compensation lawyer referral service in Baltimore is an information and referral source specifically for handling the most complex, difficult or otherwise hard to understand or manage situations regarding workplace injury, workers’ compensation or other personal injury claims in the Baltimore, MD area. This covers workplaces and employers in Baltimore City and its neighborhoods, the nearby counties of Anne Arundel, Caroll, Harford and Howard, and other areas including Calverton, Brooklyn Park, Arbutus, Rosedale, Dundalk, Catonsville, Lochearn, Overlea, Parkville, Essex, Ferndale, Elkridge, Glen Burnie, Towson, Rossville, Pikesville, and areas near the Baltimore/Washington International Airport (a.k.a. BWI or Thurgood Marshall Airport).

Workplace injuries can cause serious financial hardship and health concerns for some people. Filing a worker’s compensation claim in the Baltimore area, and seeking advice, help and guidance from a Baltimore-based workers compensation lawyer can at minimum help cover the costs of medical expenses incurred during the recovery timeframe. Workers’ compensation laws do vary from state to state (see FAQs from the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC) ), but generally, expenses for surgery, hospital care, nursing services, pharmacy, and even travel for medical or therapy appointments can be covered under workers compensation. Sometimes it’s even possible for injured employees to obtain payment for any future medical expenses due to on-the-job injuries, and these future payments can sometimes continue for life. In the event of death, a worker’s surviving spouse and/or dependents might be entitled to receive the benefits that otherwise would have gone to the worker.

The most highly experienced and trusted workers’ comp lawyers are well-known to Quality Legal Network and the industry, and among local, professional peer networks – with superb reputations and track records of very successful representation and client satisfaction…meaning workers’ comp monetary awards and other recovery-related compensation.  These lawyers maintain and demonstrate specific expertise regarding Maryland state, local and business law, in addition to employment-related Federal regulations and policies.

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Managed Security Return on Investment (ROI) for Building, Facility Security Services

How is a useful “return on investment” (ROI) regarding managed security services for buildings and facilities truly measured? This managed security solutions industry briefing explores the ROI topic and provides references for further professional information and advice.

Achieving an environment of safe, secure and productive employees or guests is both the strategic and tactical imperative of all facility managers. Whether your location is in a difficult area of town to monitor, your building is spread among diverse landscape features, or your visitor and guest movements are extremely unpredictable; building security managers are constantly planning, reviewing, implementing, analyzing and modifying all elements of the building security context. It’s an extremely challenging, constant and sometimes failure-prone exercise – to completely secure and safeguard a building’s occupants and assets. That’s why many facility managers turn for help to professional managed security services providers, who offer time-tested, proven best practices and tools for a holistic security system management solution.

Much like an “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) provider of computer technology and services offers to Internet businesses, managed security solutions for buildings and facilities offer a fully-vetted, tested and proven set of skills, methods and tools to completely mitigate all known facility security risks. Many building security risks may be known and unique to your own facility, but a national managed security services provider will also bring to bear thousands of “lessons learned” and risk avoidance experiences from their inventory of past or existing clients. This practice of leveraging a managed security service provider’s experience is increasingly common in the broad and complex discipline of building security management solutions, becoming as common as leveraging very experienced IT consultants for the scenarios they’ve tackled over hundred of clients with similar objectives.

As a prominent industry example, Kastle Systems Managed Security provides building and facility security managers a “Security as a Service” (SECaaS) capability – though not only as commonly defined by providing “security software system management and solutions as a service”, but also by providing “physical facility or building security management, skills, personnel expertise and training” as a service. In fact, many data centers actually do offer SECaaS that includes not only IT software and data protection, but also physical security design, technology and personnel protection as part of the facility itself. Kastle Systems provides security as a service through an extremely mature, proven and comprehensive set of managed security products and solutions specifically for buildings and facilities, including secure access control, video security, fire and life safety systems, intrusion detection and environmental control monitoring and reporting products.

A SECaaS approach to managing your building’s security plan and execution helps reduce and shift security-related risk and costs to an external provider, away from your internal staff and budget. Costs including personnel staffing, training, customized onsite systems and constant research and education for security policy and approach maturity are typically borne by your company or perhaps a standard property management firm (without adequate expertise in building security). A managed security services provider like Kastle Systems can design and operate a single facet of your security plan, or the entire scope of protective needs and objectives – whatever approach is most effective and mitigates the right scope of risk for your property.

Your return on investment (ROI) using an SECaaS approach for the critical elements of your building security management execution will be most quickly and easily measurable from a direct reduction in costs spent addressing out-of-date risks. Risks are typically measured by evaluating the “impact of loss” rating against the “vulnerability to threat” exposure, per given threat (i.e. natural, criminal, terrorist, accidental). Out-of-date risks are those that are no longer current (yet may still be monitored via expensive systems); for example the assets being protected have been fully depreciated or replaced (and are therefore no longer critical), or the threat being monitored is overcome by events (i.e. recent public construction has eliminated a flood or crowd access issue).

Managed building security ROI is also measured from a cost avoidance perspective – avoiding direct employee costs for constant retraining, keeping up with industry tools and developing new techniques for growing security threats. As well, the ROI will be expressed as an overall confidence, satisfaction and productivity factor experienced by your building managers, security staff, employees and visitors. This kind of “qualitative” ROI can be measured through employee or building occupant surveys or feedback, the overall improvement in building traffic and expected activity profiles, along with a decrease in security incidents and monitoring events.

For more information or guidance about how a managed building security system solution, implemented in a “Security as a Service” model, can comprehensively improve your facility, space or asset management ROI – contact a reputable, experienced national managed security services provider like Kastle Systems.