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Top 6 Critical Personal Life Coaching Services to Consider for Your Career, Your Earnings Potential, Your Life

As you move through your professional career, through the growth and maturity of your family, and through all that this life throws at you, it helps to have wise council along the way – especially in those critical times where your mental and physical balance may be disrupted. For some, advice from a spouse or family member is enough; for others guidance and council from a trusted friend may do the trick. However, for those particularly difficult and complex life or career challenges, those that truly threaten your longer term earnings ability and perhaps even your mental health – seek professional, experienced advice. This is exceptionally important during major transitions – when laid off, once your children are finally in school, when seeking a career change, or during any other significant life event. Following are 6 Critical Types of Personal Coaching Services to consider to repair, rebuild or re-energize your career, health and earnings potential.

Personal Life Coaching
Without self-confidence, we tend to make choices based on fear instead of hope. A person who lacks confidence may have a stronger tendency towards self-destructive behavior, and create a more stressful environment. You might work at a job you hate. You may allow yourself to get deep in debt. You may find yourself moving from one bad relationship to another. Without confidence, you don’t allow yourself to pursue your dream, make the changes that matter, relieve the stress that inhibits your success.

A Personal Life Coach, for example found through the services of Janie Behr, will help empower motivated individuals to overcome obstacles that hold them back from having a meaningful, productive and ultimately successful life. She partners with her clients in a personal coaching relationship that will allow them to gain insight and develop an action plan, helping them create a life of empowerment, purpose and happiness. Through these life coaching and stress management processes, you develop new ways to problem solve, achieve a higher degree of self-awareness, and create improved personal and professional abilities. Read more about “Personal Life Coaching services“, from Louisville, KY…

Executive Coaching
Business today (especially on the Internet) is fast paced and dynamic, and requires constant learning in order to keep up with the demands of customers in local, regional and the global marketplace. Leaders must continually grow and develop skills to keep up with new challenges and new challengers. However, for many, there simply is no time in the schedule for development, and the days of executive retreats and seminars are over in this ecomony. Executives have learned that the incremental gain from traditional training is not worth the investment of time away from the office.

Unlike general training, Executive Coaching focuses on a leader’s specific development needs, and addresses those needs through one on one learning. Executive coaching deals with real time issues and real work situations, tailored to quickly and effectively address today’s challenges. The coach’s role, for example found through the services of James Bowles and Associates, is to assist clients in developing the insight, skills, and techniques needed to achieve business success. Coaching achieves all of this with only the investment of a few hours a month, and builds accountability that lasts past the coaching engagement – resulting in sustained improvement, increased opportunities and earning potential. Read more about these “Washington DC Executive Coaching services“…

Career-at-Home Coaching
Particularly for women and moms who are returning to workforce, after having children, following the advice and counsel of other successful Career-at-Home-Moms (CAHMs) is very important to finding this kind of success. Most typically consider supplemental income from Work-at-Home-Mom (WAHM) opportunities or simply leaving the children to daycare and pursuing work outside of the home – there do exist credible, amazing opportunities for professional women and moms to build or rebuild their professional careers, while working from home. But how is this achieved? How do you actually find the time, manage the right set of professional expectations, and deliver professional results while managing a household?

Guidance and coaching is available, for example through the services of Kelly McLaughlan at The Fulcrumpoint – Kelly has successfully navigated the Career-Out-of-Home to Career-at-Home-Mom lifecycle over many years, regaining her six-figure professional earnings, revitalizing a durable and quickly-growing career, and creating a work-life balance that delivers both family satisfaction and an ongoing stream of income and investments. Kelly can also provide a wealth of information regarding leveraging the Internet for building relationships, using Internet Marketing and Social Media, and growing your business and career. Read more about “Achieving Professional Balance for Women and Moms“…

Personal Exercise Coaching
Personal exercise coaches aren’t a new concept, but personalized in-home exercise coaching, delivered through the Internet via online counsel and easy to use videos, is. How do you find the time and motivation to actually start or complete exercise routines, while managing your household, working around the clock, or otherwise engaging in activities that don’t address your body’s health and fitness? This is an especially important question for women and moms, typically consumed at home with work, family management and household chores. is a form of online personal exercise coaching specifically developed to deliver quick and easy home exercise and workout programs for women and moms (and anyone else, for that matter) – that’s totally, easily incorporated into daily housework and family schedules. The online video segments, and online collaborative community provide “virtual” personal exercise coaching that can quickly add up to increased energy, decreased weight and a much more positive and stress-free day – enabling you to more readily achieve your personal and financial goals. Read more about “Easy Home Workout Videos for Women and Moms” here…

Personal Nutrition and Detoxification Coaching
Personal nutrition coaches aren’t quite as common as personal exercise coaches – but can be equally important, considering the deterioration, stress and damage being done to your body and health on a daily basis. While exercise is great, exercise alone doesn’t necessarily remove all the bad chemicals, toxins and biological material left around your body over your lifetime and less-than-healthy lifestyle. A good personal nutrition coach will not only help you change your eating habits, discover new and better food and drink, and recommend the right balance of nutritional supplements as necessary – but may also be able to provide bodily detoxification alternatives and guidance, to rid and cleanse your body of chemical toxins, unwanted chemicals and other trash clogging up your system.

Over at California Earth Minerals, for example, a wealth of information, guidance and products exist that many Personal Nutrition Coaches recommend, focused on detoxifying your body with natural products including Calcium Montmorillonite, or “Bentonite Clay”. This is a natural ionic mineral that’s not only edible, but also useful for detoxification of your environment (i.e. koi ponds and landscape pools) and your pets (i.e. in edible form for animals). Read more about “Calcium Montmorillonite Ionic Mineral Detoxification and Nutrition” here…

Personal Finance, Insurance and Tax Coaching
Rounding out the Top 6 Personal Coaching Services to consider to improve your life, career and earnings potential, are personal finance, insurance and tax coaches. The types and styles of these coaches range from “advisor” to professionally-licensed “accountants” or “agents”. Your financial needs may also range from personal investments or spending, to your business or commercial insurance, investments and tax issues. The point is, consider professional coaching and guidance for any and all of these financial, insurance or tax areas, especially when changing careers or jobs, relocating, or starting a new business – or when you’ve found you and your family’s finances to be severely threatened due to personal or professional loss.

You may find significant “all-in-one” help from your local Insurance Agent, who’s typically experienced in helping clients deal with significant life changes or issues, and recommending insurance programs plus referrals or suggestions for further financial, tax or investing counsel. For example, Khalid Umerani, of NOVA Insurance Group (Allstate) in Chantilly, VA, offers truly local, personalized and family-oriented coaching and services for all insurance needs, from long-term care, to housing, personal property and medical insurance. As a Personal Financial Representative, he’s also licensed to sell financial products such as IRAs, mutual funds, variable life insurance, variable annuity products and more. This means you can take care of a wide variety of your insurance and financial needs in one place. Check with your local insurance agent, or if in the Northern Virginia, Loudoun County or Chantilly Insurance coverage area, check in with NOVA Insurance Group.

Add it up – these 6 types of Personal Life Coaching and advisory services can be extremely effective at helping you reset, renew and restart your physical, mental and financial health – for you personally, and for your family and associates. Be sure to take advantage of services like those described, for the most professional and helpful guidance available during the roughest transitions of your life and career.