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Happy New Year 2009 to Washington DC and Northern Virginia Businesses!

Have a great 2009 New Year, and hopefully we can all work together to weather the economy, continue to provide customers great products and services, and remain resilient enough to last the storm and grow again!

Traveling to San Diego? Use a San Diego Limo

Are you possibly looking to actually escape the Inauguration to San Diego, or conversely, hating the San Diego beaches and thinking Washington DC and places like Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland?

Whether you’re going to the San Diego airport, or arriving in town from somewhere else (like DC!), be sure to call A Plus Limos for San Diego limo service. The most professional, convenient and reasonably-priced San Diego limos are available at (858)-650-0557…travel between San Diego and Denver in style – with San Diego limo service.

For more information and news about obtaining limos in San Diego, or other San Diego limo information or events, check out the A Plus Limo San Diego events for limos blog, and the A Plus Limo San Diego limo news and information blog.

Bad Economy, Slowing Sales? Refocus Advertising Budget to Internet Marketing

The hard reality for local and regional businesses is that advertising dollars don’t go nearly as far as they once did, and fewer and fewer customers are paying attention to traditional media advertisements. Now is the time to re-shape your business marketing and advertising strategy, and take a hard focus on Internet Marketing and SEO techniques – many more impressions and eventual customers for far less money.

Read more about changing your advertising strategy in this bad economy by the experts in Washington DC and Northern Virginia Internet Marketing, Social Media and Online Advertising – KME Internet Marketing.

2010 Southern Maryland Bridal Show

(Note – this blog entry updated to reflect the current year’s event)

One great event coming up this January, 2010 at the J.T. Daugherty Conference Center, in Lexington Park, Southern Maryland – near the PAX River Naval Air Station in St. Mary’s County…

2010 Southern Maryland Bridal Show, Sunday January 17, 2010, 11:30 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. FREE ADMISSION!!

Join the J.T. Daugherty Conference Center and a host of Service Providers for the 2010 Southern Maryland Bridal Show. Strolling Wedding Fashion Show for Bridal Gowns, Tuxedos and Attendants, Complimentary Hors D’oeuvres, Cake Tastings, Door Prizes and more.

Provided by the Cherry Cove Hospitality and Development family of businesses and services in Southern Maryland, Lexington Park and Solomons Island.

Trivision Buzz – The Effects of Internet Technology on the Marketplace

When you read or talk about how the marketplace is changing, it’s generally linked to the Internet, or the technology that connects people to the Internet.

 The Internet has redefined how businesses conduct their sales and marketing, as well as changed methods of the overall operations of a business.  The Internet has also affected how consumers research and buy products and services, how people search and apply for jobs, and even what is sold.

What did Google start out “selling” anyway? Nothing. and Craigslist stays afloat without charging anything for classified ads (although, that’s starting to change in Craigslist’s bigger cities).

Who would have thought that Wikipedia would render your parents’ Encyclopedia Britannica set useless? Wikipedia is not only as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica, but is also over a hundred times larger.  Consumers also make recommendations to each other and discuss pros and cons of products and services online in ways that were never possible before. Now, you can compare notes with people across the country, or even across the ocean. Homebuyers no longer have to consult realtors to browse available houses.

What do all of these changes mean for the marketing industry?  Plenty. These days, blogs are more popular than forums or product review websites, and anyone can have a blog. It’s up to the marketer to find out what consumers are saying about your company on these blogs, and to either give out info that consumers need, or do damage control and correct the record when bloggers get something wrong about their brand.

Washington DC Internet Marketing is already big business, with all kinds of great opportunities to get the message out and spread the word about your business – and most Northern Virginia and Washington DC businesses are taking advantage of the full range of capabilities offered by premier Internet Marketing and Social Media companies such as KME Internet Marketing. Typically, Internet Marketing strategies are executed in closely coordinated campaigns with more traditional and offline multimedia and broadcast marketing and advertising strategies – such as those provided by Trivision Studios.

Your company should already have some sort of web site. A blog is the next logical step. However, in addition to just having a blog, you should also be keeping closer track of the traffic to your blog. You need to have good visitor metrics and uncover ways to find out the kinds of people who visit your blogs. You should also think about video blogging, as that’s something becoming more popular, as well.

If you can’t increase your marketing budget to include Internet ads and newer technology, then you need to allocate your budget to include these tactics. Traditional marketing techniques like brochures, postcards, and billboards still need to be used in addition to the newer marketing tactics. And if you can afford it, tweaking traditional tactics, like a traditional billboard sign, into an electronic billboard is a great way to get consumers’ attention while integrating technology and conventional marketing.