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DC & Northern Virginia Video Production Studio Services – Trivision & National Gallery of Art

Gateway to Loudoun shoutout to local DC, Northern Virginia audio/video production and marketing/PR firm Trivision Studios in Chantilly – amazing and beautiful video work accompanying popular, rare exhibit currently at the National Gallery of Art (through April 29, 2012!).

National Gallery of Art Exhibits Rare Japanese Paintings: “Colorful Realm”

Japan marked the 100th anniversary of its gift of cherry blossom trees to Washington, D.C. by lending the National Gallery of Art an exhibition of a world-renowned cultural treasure: Colorful Realm of Living Beings by Itō Jakuchū. The historic 30-scroll set of bird-and-flower paintings on silk with three-panel altar piece, which was painted in the mid-1700s, can be seen at the National Gallery of Art’s West Building from March 30 through April 29, 2012. The exhibition is on loan from the Japanese Emperor’s Imperial Household private collection and is being seen outside of Japan for the first time.

Colorful Realm of Living Beings by Itō Jakuchū

Masterpieces of Japanese paintingsWidely considered as one of the supreme masterpieces of Japanese paintings, Colorful Realm depicts each of its 30 subjects in meticulous detail, going beyond surface appearances. Most notable is the artist’s application of paint to the backside of the silk which becomes visible from the front, creating a unique glow and inner life within the painting. Due to their extreme fragility, the scrolls will be exhibited in a low-light setting for only four weeks and are a major high point of the 2012 National Cherry Blossom Festival.

For this once-in-a-lifetime art exhibition, the DC National Gallery commissioned TriVision Studios to provide onsite video production, editing and media/PR services for their private VIP viewing that took place on March 26, 2012. Having worked with the National Gallery before, TriVision DC video production services were up for the task of documenting various aspects of the cultural event and record VIP interviews for educational and media use.

TriVision productionTriVision Video Production Studios produced full-scale, high definition B-roll of the exhibition, with speech excerpts, along with VIP interviews of the Japanese Ambassador, the exhibition curator, and the corporate sponsors who made it possible. The team also shot footage of the opening Buddhist dedication ceremony with monks from the Kyoto monastery where the three-panel altar piece is housed, capturing observer reactions who were viewing the priceless scrolls behind plexiglass panels.


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