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Leesburg Family Dentists

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DC Tutoring, Academic Test Prep and Student Coaching

Quality education for our children provides a foundation for lifelong learning and success. Student coaching, tutoring and test prep services can be an essential component in delivering successful educational programs. Many pupils struggle with organization, time management and study skills, and without proper coaching, they can fall behind. Thankfully it’s never too late to help them find an approach that works, and now is the perfect time to start.

On sidewalks throughout Northern Virginia and the Washington D.C. metro area, shopping bags are being replaced by backpacks as students wrap up their holiday break and return to classrooms for the second half of the school year. The New Year also brings the perfect opportunity for a new start—a new approach—to test prep and studying. In the fiercely competitive systems of Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria and the surrounding areas, it’s particularly important that students have the skills required to excel. Educational Connections Inc. (EC) tutoring helps build those skills and the confidence required to implement them.

EC’s trademarked in-home student coaching, test prep and tutoring services have helped thousands of local students from kindergarten through high school. With over a decade of experience tutoring, EC identifies three key areas that are imperative for student growth—and the tactics to ensure proper development.

  • Time Management: Students are incredibly busy. Between extra-curricular activities, complicated social lives and demanding school days, academic demands can easily fall through the cracks. In some cases, looking at bigger projects becomes too overwhelming and students don’t know how to manage the various steps. Student coaching helps pupils complete long-term projects by breaking them down into manageable chunks, and it teaches them to schedule homework time in a realistic manner. Tutoring helps students identify what time of day and environments are ideal for them. Other tactics include tackling difficult subjects first, taking breaks, and studying in several smaller time blocks instead of diving into overwhelmingly long sessions.
  • Studying & Test Prep: Like it or not, scores matter. A lot. Course and exam grades heavily influence a student’s future, so if he or she struggles with test prep, the consequences can be dire. Student coaching provides valuable studying and test-taking skills, including memory techniques, note-taking that reinforces lessons, and active reading strategies.
  • Organization: Students who are chronically disorganized tend to feel overwhelmed and thus avoid homework and procrastinate studying. Disorganization also makes it easier to make careless mistakes and harder to retain valuable information. Student coaching helps such pupils create and implement a system that keeps all school materials, binders, bags and lockers organized and clear. Coaching also helps students prioritize daily homework assignments and other tasks so they can better achieve their educational goals. Tutoring enables challenged students to set up routines and build structures that guide them, and to use tools like assignment notebooks for support.

Students who struggle are often bright and capable. With tutoring and test prep, their true potential is revealed.

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