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Online Printing Company – Selecting the Best Options

A common misconception about printing, is that companies that offer offset printing and digital printing services are the same. However, offset printing and digital printing are two very different printing processes.

Digital Printing Company - Printing Industry Exchange

There are fewer restrictions and many more options with digital printing – for example, being able to get prints in customized sizes and shapes. It’s a very fast process and posters, fliers, brochures, booklets, manuals, direct marketing materials, and other printed materials can be produced and delivered within days.

The number of online printing companies and service providers has grown tremendously over the past decade. Selecting the right digital printing company is getting harder due to the massive amount of conflicting data, along with the large number of online resources to choose from.

There are many digital printing companies available on the Internet, and selecting the right online printing company and web-enabled digital printing services to meet your needs can be a daunting task. It’s truly worth the time to search for the online resources that can offer the best service for the best value possible.

One solution is to find a trusted resource that does the hard work for you. Printing Industry Exchange for example, allows you to fill out one simple online quote request that’s then distributed to hundreds of digital printers – who will actually compete for your business. This service is free of charge, and within 24 hours commercial printers will send their bids directly to you. All business transactions are between you and the printer doing your job – no print broker or middleman.

Digital printing is extremely cost effective and an eco-friendly alternative to small and large businesses alike. Digital printing utilizes plate-free technology to produce full-color prints. The result is an inexpensive print that is faster and creates less waste. The ink doesn’t absorb into the paper of a digital press, instead sitting on top of the substrate, forming a layer on the surface. Digital printing is generally better for smaller print runs that may require a very fast turnaround.

In order to stay on task and on budget, for large or small jobs, it’s important to locate a online printing company that is experienced, has the reputation of producing quality printed material, and delivers print jobs on time. Printing Industry Exchange allows only trusted online digital printing companies to participate in their online print bid service – so you can rest assured that the print quality will be superior and the service absolutely top-rated.