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4 Critical Services Required for Effective Website and Internet Presence in Metro Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

4 Critical Services Required for Effective Website and Internet Presence

As an Organization or Fairfax/Loudoun County Business or Business in Northern Virginia, Washington DC or Maryland, these economic conditions make it especially difficult to budget, prioritize and manage scarce dollars for effective Internet website development and marketing activities. What are the most important and critical factors in making sure your web development and marketing money is wisely spent, for the best return?

Here’s a quick roundup of the “4 Most Critical Services Required for Effective Website and Internet Presence“. This is information that’s extremely hard to find in one place – mainly because very few regional or local companies can actually provide all 4, especially #4:

  1. Website Design and Branding
  2. Internet Marketing and Social Media
  3. Web Technology and Hosting
  4. Information Technology Management

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Loudoun Lenah School Site Paramount – Dulles South to Supervisor Miller

A bit of “hyperlocal” community activism in Loudoun County’s Dulles South region – the massive wave of school overcrowding beginning to lap at the shores of the existing school infrastructure requires new schools quickly, in this fastest-growing area of all the Metro DC region. The local representative, however, is resisting constituent pressure in favor of short-sighted, temporary fiscal relief – to the disbelief of concerned Loudoun moms, dads, and their students.

More at Dulles South – Loudoun County Lenah Schools Gateway blog entry.

IT Governance Process Integration – Blackstone Technology Group

Blackstone Technology Group announces their “IT Governance Process Integration” Framework, Solution and Services offering.

How do you align all your decision-making processes, especially for large IT system acquisitions?

Organizations face many decision-making thresholds during the course of planning, acquisition, delivery and operation of their Information Technology (IT) capabilities. In order to achieve successful delivery of IT capabilities, and therefore derive the expected business or mission performance outcomes, organizations must effectively apply and integrate multiple IT governance processes and frameworks.

Integrated governance involves the orchestration of policies (including delineation of roles, responsibilities, and authorities), processes, and tools for successfully meeting business requirements that ultimately support an organization’s overall mission. More often than not, the various governance processes operate independently and at various stages of maturity. Integration facilitates maturation of these processes, effective alignment to business or mission outcomes, and application of the appropriate enterprise models and tools.


Blackstone Technology Group’s (Blackstone) consultants offer proven, integrated governance and IT management solutions, specifically in the areas of:

  • Investment and Portfolio Management;
  • Acquisitions/Procurement;
  • Technology Management; and
  • IT Project Management and Operations.