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Security Screens, Alarm Screens and Virginia Home Security Systems – National Security Screens

Searching for “security screens” and “alarm screens” used to be fairly straightforward – the terms usually meant having to do with replacement window screens for homeowners or businesses, that both protected against intruders and bugs, but continued to let air and light through. Security Screen or Alarm Screen features from leading security screen manufacturing and installation companies like Northern Virginia’s own National Security Screens (NSS) manufacture, ship and/or install the traditional window screen security products.

Features include:

  • Detection of screen removal, tilting or destruction with high-output audible siren
  • Can be converted by utilizing your existing screens or customized NSS-built screen frames
  • Consists of special alarm mesh interwoven into screens for security and protection
  • Private, on-site detection device, with no special monthly monitoring fees
  • Professional and experienced manufacture, installation assistance, and customer care
  • Comes with manufacturer’s warranty

Now there’s a proliferation of products utilizing the same “security screens” term; those screens, blinds or additional barriers for homes and businesses that are essentially additional, physical guards – using metal, aluminum or other high-strength material for physical protection from intruders. The products are sold sometimes as additional options along with Northern Virginia replacement vinyl windows.

These barriers, however, aren’t in the same family of products nor offer similar kinds of multi-feature security functions and benefits as traditional alarm screens and security screens. For alarm installers, security companies and home builders, security screens and alarm screens from National Security Screens come pre-wired for greater home/business owner or customer security and easier alarm installation. For homeowners, when it comes to investing in your family’s safety, National Security Screens offers the valuable protection you want.. and need.. with ScreenAlert. ScreenAlert’s home window alarm screen detection device protects from break-ins, even when your home’s windows are open. ScreenAlert provides an effective barrier over window openings and detects intruders, while still allowing a free flow of light and air into your home with unobstructed views.