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New Chantilly Music and Brew Lounge Scene – Vintage 51 Restaurant in South Riding, VA

Vintage 51 Restaurant, Brew Lounge and Live Local Music

The past 12 years here in the Rt. 50 Corridor/Dulles South exurbia area of Northern Virginia’s Loudoun County have been an exercise in waiting – waiting for a real local music scene, waiting for decent restaurants, waiting for more upscale martini bars and brewpubs, waiting for the traffic, schools and economy to improve….Basically, waiting for the Dulles South region (Eastern Loudoun, Western Fairfax and Western Prince William counties) to evolve its entertainment, retail and cultural offerings in the same manner as the Dulles North area already has (i.e. Ashburn).

The wait’s over, finally – at least for those in the Chantilly/South Riding area who enjoy professional and local live music, handcrafted and locally-sourced classic American meals in an “urban lounge” setting, and a spectacular selection of custom martinis, Loudoun wines and regional craft beers not seen to date this side of Rt. 15 and the Dulles Toll Road.

Vintage 51 Restaurant and Brew Lounge fully opened recently in South Riding’s Market Square, at the intersection of Rt. 50 and the Loudoun County parkway. Vintage 51 is an extension of the very popular Vintage 50 Brew Lounge in Leesburg, already voted one of “Loudoun’s hottest new restaurants”.

Loudoun’s Best Beer
While Vintage 51 in South Riding is currently unable to serve handcrafted brews created over at its own Leesburg microbrewery, it does serve an inspired selection of wines, custom martinis and cocktails, and a huge selection of great beers (in the spirit of the Northern Virginia Brewfest series) from breweries including Clipper City, Flying Dog, and Dogfish Head. We purchased our own custom “Vintage Growler” with Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale for some Thanksgiving cheer…

Loudoun’s Finest Wines
For the Loudoun wine lovers, the Vintage 50/51 restaurant wine bars offer over 200 wines by the glass or bottle – ranging from international to very local Loudoun winery selections including Chrysalis and Fabbioli Cellars.

Loudoun’s Best Live Music
The live music scene in Loudoun County and Dulles South is dramatically improved with the addition of Vintage 51 live performers and local music events weekdays and weekends. We’ll provide a lot more information on this Dulles South/Loudoun music scene shortly – last night at Vintage 51, for example, we thoroughly enjoyed the smooth, reggae-infused, heavily-improvised acoustic rock classics by Purcellville’s own Miguel Aubertin, a popular favorite and regular around the Loudoun vineyard and Vintage 50 music venues. Sample his music at

Loudoun’s Hottest New Restaurant
The Vintage 50 and Vintage 51 menus are a savory collection of locally-raised beef, lamb, pork and wild fowl dinners, fresh seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruits and cheeses, creative seafood appetizers, and classically modern, innovative New American comfort food. The “Made in Loudoun” initiative is clearly in play here – from the delicious lunch sandwiches with local ingredients and handmade sauerkraut, to organic meat entrees made with local ingredients from Loudoun’s own organic farm at the Fields of Athenry.

Check out the new Loudoun and Dulles South restaurant, brew lounge and live music scene now on a regular basis – in South Riding.


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Happy Thanksgiving – Northern Virginia Business News and a Commercial Cleaning Special!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving 2009! Hopefully your travels, entertaining and family fun events are safe and healthy this year. We’re looking forward to a little downtime and giving thanks for the highlights of what’s otherwise been a difficult year for many businesses. While hiring and long-term business investing hasn’t exactly picked up yet, there are many signs of pickup among Loudoun and Northern Virginia small and home businesses, as consumers and other small businesses begin to pick up buying activity or at least begin planning to do so. Social media business traffic is high right now, for businesses discussing and finding ways to more efficiently market and communicate their services, for example.

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Career at Home Seniors and Grandparents (CAHS/CAHG) – Where to Start?

Interacting with various grandparents of friends and family over the past few months, it’s become apparent that there aren’t many resources easily available to help Seniors/Grandparents successfully negotiate the twin challenges of mastering Internet tools while extending or beginning a new career cycle – working at home. I’ll call this demographic “Career at Home Seniors” (CAHS) or “Career at Home Grandparents” (CAHG). CAHS seems more inclusive, though doesn’t necessarily include topics, opportunities or the help that may come from your children.

Why is this important? Many reasons, ranging from the economy forcing Seniors to re-initialize careers and jobs, the incredible potential for at-home income-producing opportunities made possible via Internet tools and social media, and simply the desire of many Seniors to continue “giving back” or at least leveraging lifelong skills and experience for the good of their community, family and business networks. All the communications, education and community advantages the Internet provides Seniors aren’t a new concept – but the real need, and real opportunities, to forge a new or extended career at home by leveraging Internet new media capabilities is a relatively unexplored topic.

All over the Internet are loads of “opportunities”, scams and entreaties to engage Seniors in all kinds of “Work at Home” activities (i.e. WAHS; “Work at Home Seniors”)…but most are day-to-day jobs or taskings, with little equity-building potential (in terms of income or knowledge) and short shrift given to leveraging and creating value out of past career experience and long-term relationships. Typical Work at Home Senior opportunities do not yield lasting value for Seniors, or their partners and families.

To truly create or extend a real career at home, as someone who may have retired from the daily grind, and is looking for low-impact but highly intellectual pursuits, the first step is not an online job search, or even an online “Web 2.0″ training course. It’s really what we call a “knowledge management” exercise…Basically, if you were to categorize the kinds of subjects you know most about, the type of people and organizations with whom you’ve got relationships, and the specific skills you’re good at on the Internet, what would these be?

Read more about this Career at Home Senior topic, at Fulcrumpoint – Achieving Professional Balance for Men and Women.

Two Factor Authentication Identity Management – wins Government Security News Homeland Security Award

Two Factor Authentication Identity Management by Anakam wins Government Security News Homeland Security Awards

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – November 2, 2009 –Anakam TFA® Two Factor Authentication has been selected as the winner for “Best Authentication/Identification Product” at the GSN: Government Security News 1st Annual Homeland Security Awards competition. About 300 government officials and industry executives packed the grand ballroom of a Manhattan hotel on Oct. 27, 2009 to witness GSN announce the names of the winners in multiple security categories.

Read the full Two-Factor Authentication and Identity Management Anakam award press release…

Anakam is headquartered in San Diego, though with offices around the country, including a substantial presence here in Washington DC and Northern Virginia – where Anakam supports Multi-factor Identity Management, Authentication and Secure Collaboration system and product implementations for eGovernment clients, including National Defense, Homeland Security and Intelligence Government customers.

Wikipedia defines Two-Factor Authentication as follows: “An authentication factor is a piece of information and process used to authenticate or verify the identity of a person or other entity requesting access under security constraints. Two-factor authentication (T-FA) or (2FA) is a system wherein two different factors are used in conjunction to authenticate. Using two factors as opposed to one factor generally delivers a higher level of authentication assurance. Using more than one factor is sometimes called “strong authentication”, however, “strong authentication” and “multi-factor authentication” are fundamentally different processes. Soliciting multiple answers to challenge questions may be considered strong authentication but, unless the process also retrieves ‘something you have’ or ‘something you are’, it would not be considered multi-factor.”

Allan Camaisa, Anakam’s Founder and CEO, was on hand at the GSN ceremony to accept the Anakam “Best Authentication/Identification Product” award personally. “We are honored to be receiving this award for our efforts to deliver a truly unique technology which provides for the trusted identity management of citizens logging on to Government portals- thereby allowing agencies to provide more valuable online services at a greatly reduced cost.”

“Congratulations to Anakam, our winner in the “Best IT Authentication/Identification Product” category, whose innovative technology enables massive scale, cost-effective and secure two-factor authentication for eGov applications. Anakam’s system has enabled remote identity proofing and strong authentication for millions of citizens, while lowering costs of service delivery dramatically by shifting to Web-based applications,” said Adrian Courtenay, Chairman of GSN.

This technology is extremely important in enabling greater security and privacy protection with respect to the proliferation of eGovernment services expanding through leverage of online Portals, Internet-based Web 2.0 technologies and mashup widgets, and government-branded social media channels – accessed across an extremely wide variety of fixed and mobile devices. Check out in LinkedIn the “Anakam Trusted Identity” and “Homeland Security Information Sharing and Social Media” groups and topics for more related information.

Anakam’s winning entry, Anakam.TFA® Two Factor Authentication, provides enterprises with trusted access through two-factor authentication without the burden associated with issuing tokens or cards and by harnessing the ubiquity of common devices such as cell phones and pagers. Winners in each category were carefully reviewed by a panel of judges and chosen out of multiple entries.

About Anakam

Anakam enables strong identity authentication and identity management at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions, without encumbering customers, partners, and employees with cards, software downloads, tokens, or fobs. With tens of millions of end users, the Anakam Identity Suite® is unique in the industry, providing end-to-end multi-channel capabilities that allows enablement of secure, trusted eBusiness to very large user-communities in a single platform. The suite includes two-factor authentication, remote identity proofing and identity verification, professional credentialing, and secure collaboration and authentication. For more information, visit

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