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2010 Southeast Venture Conference – Feb 24-25 – DC’s Hottest Technology Investment Ticket!

Looking for 2010’s most promising high-tech ideas and venture capital investing opportunities? In this Southeast US, Washington DC and Northern Virginia region? Yes, 2010’s shaping up to be a huge year for investing potential, and the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area is the hotspot…

Find us at the 2010 Southeast Venture Conference, which will host some of the most dynamic high-growth companies in the Southeast US, Feb 24-25, 2010 at the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner, Northern Virginia.

Southeast Venture Conference, Tysons Corner VA, Feb 24-25 2010

The 2010 (4th annual) Southeast Venture Conference SEVC will feature 60 high growth presenting companies, representing the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic US regions. Join an expected audience of 700+ VCs, PE Investors, Ibankers, high growth executives and entrepreneurs for unparalleled networking among the region’s top technology and investment leaders. Scheduled speakers include Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, Google’s “Father of the Internet” Vint Cerf, and National Venture Capital Association president Mark Heesen. (Last we heard Vint Cerf speak – he was at the NIEM conference planning to extend “cloud computing” into space, and back….)

The Southeast Venture Conference highlights both early stage and later stage investment opportunities from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington DC. The sold-out 2007, 2008 and 2009 SEVC’s held in Research Triangle Park, NC, Tysons Corner, VA and Atlanta, Georgia respectively featured over $80 billion in private equity investment capital represented in attendance.

Who Attends the SEVC? Close to 1000 of the region’s leading Entrepreneurs and High Growth Company Executives (from Startups to Pre-IPO), National Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Professionals, M&A facilitators and other leading professionals serving the high growth technology community.

Register online; early discounts available through Feb. 24rd!

Online Chamber of Commerce – Internet Chamber of Commerce

The thought struck us last year, and again lately (with the rapid uptick in social media-driven local business economic development advocacy activities) – that a new (or extended) breed of “Chamber of Commerce” may be developing – the “Online Chamber of Commerce” or “New/Social Media Chamber of Commerce”.

Sure, many traditional Chamber of Commerce institutions around the country are beginning to leverage social/new media to help attract, retain and empower their membership…but there exists a “business divide” in this model, in the form of paid membership requirements.

Most Chambers of Commerce require an annual membership fee for businesses and their representatives to participate – this covers in-person meeting venue costs, organization operating expenses, etc. Many Chambers offer “sliding scale” membership fees, i.e. reduced rates for smaller businesses; however, this fee hurdle in many cases is simply one that a lot of small businesses (in particular) can’t afford or choose not to invest in. Therefore, such a Chamber may not truly and fully represent the interests of the entire business community, and its stakeholders.

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