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Green Cleaning for High-Security Commercial Facilities in DC, VA, MD

With the large numbers of highly-secure government and commercial facilities around Washington, DC, the incoming Obama administration’s renewable energy movement might have hit a snag in the cleaning department. How is “green-cleaning” easily and economically introduced into high-security environments, when so much of the traditional commercial janitorial cleaning service methods are highly wasteful, can’t or don’t necessarily follow advanced “environmentally-friendly” procedures, and depend on tough-to-find cleared cleaning staff for whom training in “green-cleaning” methods can be very expensive and difficult?

Enter Mister Kleen Maintenance Company, Inc., of Alexandria, VA. Mister Kleen has provided Washington DC janitorial contract cleaning services for both typical and atypical office or government settings, large or small, for the past 33 years. Mister Kleen provides daily commercial cleaning services for high risk facilities such as government buildings, financial institutions and high-tech buildings, and for clients who require a high degree of security in their buildings – this includes federal, state and local government agencies and their contractors.

Mister Kleen’s skilled Cleaning Technicians possess the appropriate Clearances for facilities like these, and must pass extensive background checks to ensure safety and security in these high risk facilities. Many locations require daytime cleaning and unique facility material handling procedures, and recently “green cleaning” techniques and products have been worked into Technician training and onsite cleaning procedures.

For Mister Kleen, “Green Kleening” is effective cleaning using innovative processes and products that protect health without harming the environment. From using state-of-the-art tools and equipment to using “Green Seal” certified cleaning products (whether in a highly-secure facility or not) Mister Kleen is taking a proactive approach to creating and maintaining healthy work environments for both current and incoming admininistration staff and their contractors.