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Loudoun businesses – Custom Furniture, Wholesale Granite, DIY Auto Repair

One of the purposes of this blog is to highlight and support local, DC area businesses like those from Loudoun County, VA, with interesting stories, fantastic customer service or other interesting features that elevate the profile of the entire Loudoun business community. Following are a few of these business profiles, be sure to visit their websites or social media channels for more information.

Loudoun Custom Wood Furniture

Loudoun custom wood farm tables and furniture Loudoun’s historic farming and agriculture legacy is preserved in its wooden barns, and Shenandoah Furniture Gallery in Purcellville, VA breathes new life into recovered barn wood and timbers, by shaping it into custom kitchen and dining room tables and custom wooden furniture. Honored as a “Small Business Product of the Year Finalist” by the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce, Vickie Kelley and her team transform recycled antique Virginia and Loudoun barn wood into truly beautiful, unique yet durable and functional wood furniture, cabinetry and reclaimed wood flooring. Visit the Shenandoah real wood furniture store online and via the Shenandoah Furniture Gallery community on Facebook.

Wholesale Granite and Marble in Loudoun

Loudoun wholesale granite and marble Many of Loudoun’s finest homes and businesses include stone accents and centerpieces, for kitchen countertops, flooring, walls and tabletops. EleGant Wholesale Marble & Granite in Sterling carries a huge inventory of granite, marble, soapstone and onyx for use in construction projects for the kitchen, bath or any other stone surface. A division of EleMar USA, “Worldwide Purveyors of Unique Stones”, the EleGant Loudoun showroom includes professional help in selecting all the varieties of stone and finishing details that fit your architectural plans and construction design. New granite slabs with absolutely unique graining and patterns arrive constantly, so the showroom is always active with buyers, architects and designers choosing their custom pieces for installation, surface finishing and edge treatments in home building, kitchen renovation or customization projects.

Sterling, VA Auto Repair

Loudoun Do It Yourself Auto Mechanics and Repair Do It Yourself Mechanics in Sterling is a unique Loudoun automobile repair shop specifically focused on the do-it-yourselfer – i.e. those with auto mechanics interest or skills who don’t mind getting a little dirty. And that’s hard to do, really, given the extremely clean and well-organized environment of rental bays, lifts and automotive parts supply center in the do-it-yourself environment. As the only do it yourself auto repair shop in Northern Virginia, short or long-term rental options are available from the casual, amateur oil-changer or weekend mechanic, to long-term, experienced auto mechanics delivering their own business services. Owner Ed Cove and his crew have quickly become thoroughly immersed in the Loudoun and Northern Virginia auto enthusiast community, holding events, training sessions onsite and keeping up with their rapidly-growing Facebook Loudoun auto repair community.

Northern Virginia Coupons & DC Coupons – Exclusive List!

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