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Energy and Carbon Management – Meeting the Global Challenge from Northern Virginia, Fairfax

A global carbon and energy management consulting solutions provider in Fairfax County, Northern Virginia Pace Global Energy works around the world with energy companies, energy asset developers, energy-related funds & financial institutions, industrial & commercial entities and energy utilities. Through “The Power of Integration”, Pace combines deep industry knowledge with commercial, financial, technical, and regulatory expertise to help organizations maximize value and manage risk in today’s very complex and rapidly changing energy and environmental markets. Pace Global has been a Fairfax County business leader for over 35 years, with significant influence, and impact on how the regional, national and global energy management sector responds to scientific and legislative changes driven by the challenges of energy production, management, sustainability and consumption.

Services Pace Global provides range across the carbon and energy lifecyle from energy supply and risk management to energy demand management and sustainability services. Read more about Pace Global’s perspective on the global energy management challenge, at National Geographic’s Energy Challenge site.