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New DC-area Business – Home Exercise Workout Videos and Community for Women & Moms – SqueezeItIn.com

While the economy continues to stagnate, and 401Ks remain mired in lethargy, this doesn’t mean you too have to grow complacent in your home exercise initiatives. The girls at SqueezeItIn.com fully understand this; they’ve launched a brand-new worldwide business out of Northern Virginia, bringing “Laundry Legs”, “Hot Squats” and “Va Va Vacuum” easy and quick home exercise/workout videos right into your kitchen, laundry room, living room.


Multitask Productions LLC is changing the way you (mainly women and moms) think about exercise by launching SqueezeItIn.com–a website and online community featuring dynamic videos of exercises and a content-rich blog designed to help you make simple, effective exercises a part of your daily routine. This is obviously a very difficult choice to make around Washington DC homes, where most women and moms are already incredibly busy with families, home-based careers, political or philanthropic pursuits, or the simple but tough grind of a Government job.

“Working out doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can do a little at a time–as little as ten minutes, three times a day–and get results,” said co-founder and ACE certified fitness instructor Jenny Hein, “If you feel you have no time to work out, we can show you how to squeeze in several effective exercises at home, at the office, or while running errands. Our website shows you how to let life be your workout.”

We’ll point out that this service and company launch is absolutely indicative of the entrepreneurial strength and small business (especially women and mom-owned) opportunities in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Suburban Maryland region – hundreds of small businesses, many with focus in online-based offerings or products, continue to be created and successful each month in this area. Further evidence of this is clearly evident in the rapid expansion and demand for Washington DC online Internet Marketing and social media services, that can help rapidly build and establish online reputation, conversions and social legitimacy.

SqueezeItIn.com is also running an online exercise/workout home video contest – your amazing workout techniques integrated into typical household routines will be featured throughout the SqueezeItIn Enterprise (be a YouTube star!), as well as winning you great SqueezeItIn gear!