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Trivision Buzz – DC Online Marketing Videos for Pace Global Energy and CPSC

Trivision Studios provides print, broadcast and online digital video production, brand advertising plus marketing, media and entertainment campaign services in the Washington DC metro region and around the world. Following are excerpts from their March 2011 “Trivision Buzz” Newsletter.

Pace Global, the Power of Integration

Pace Global is a leading energy consulting and management company that combines deep industry knowledge with commercial, technical, financial, and regulatory expertise to help organizations maximize value and manage risk in today’s complex energy and environmental markets. For more than 35 years and in over 60 countries, Pace Global has worked closely with its clients and partners to define strategies and implement solutions.

TriVision Studios took over Pace Global’s marketing campaign in April 2010 when the company was looking to revitalize its website and brand, including its products, the ECM Hub and NorthStar. TriVision not only provided branding, web development and design, and consultation services for Pace Global, but also developed a complete new website consisting of over 150 dynamic pages with multiple features and capabilities. TriVision also provided copy editing of all technical and business content for the site. The site http://www.paceglobal.com was finally completed and launched in February 2011.

Moreover, TriVision was given the challenge of creating a short video with the purpose of visualizing Pace’s core message, “The Power of Integration“. In addition, TriVision produced a modern, cutting-edge 4 minute marketing video of the ECM Hub, containing 2D motion graphics.

Center for the Study of Presidency and Congress

Center for the Study of Presidency and CongressBeing only minutes from the capital city of Washington, DC, TriVision Studios has had the opportunity to work with various government and political organizations.  Recently, TriVision provided video production services for the Center for the Study of Presidency and Congress (CSPC), a non-profit organization with the mission to promote leadership in the Presidency and the Congress to generate innovative solutions to current national challenges.

With a history trailing from 1965 when it used to be the Library of Presidential Papers, CSPC consists of an impressive board of trustees, including Honorary Chairmen Former Presidents Jimmy Carter, George Bush and Bill Clinton. Among other things, the Center strives to educate and inspire the next generation of America’s leaders to incorporate civility, inclusiveness and character into their public and private lives and discourse.

TriVision has provided live video coverage of events by CSPC on multiple occasions and looks forward to assisting the organization again in the future.