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Loudoun Private School and More Loudoun Business News

Nysmith Loudoun private school
The Nysmith School, located in Herndon, Virginia is an award-winning Loudoun private school serving both Loudoun and Fairfax counties in the Dulles area, and the entire Northern Virginia region. From preschool through eighth grade, Nysmith School offers intimate classes (1 teacher to 9 students) and an exceptionally talented staff to provide Northern Virginia the absolute best in private education. Nysmith’s unique and diverse private school curriculum is designed to cater to your child’s specific needs: each child works at their own pace, and lesson plans are designed to accommodate several levels of instruction per classroom.

For more information about this unique private school serving Loudoun visit Nysmith School’s website.

Loudoun Dental Smiles

When choosing a dentist who will care for your entire family, professionalism and experience are paramount. With over 60 years combined experience, Doctors Sandra Varney and Robert Leipzig of Loudoun Dental Smiles offer their Loudoun family dentistry services to Leesburg, Loudoun County and beyond. Loudoun Dental Smiles provides extended hours, simple financing options, and their “Smile Rewards” program to assure each patient receives the best care possible. From the simplest cleanings to the most involved procedures, Loudoun Dental Smiles is the very best among Leesburg family dentistry providers.

DC Tutoring, Academic Test Prep and Student Coaching

Quality education for our children provides a foundation for lifelong learning and success. Student coaching, tutoring and test prep services can be an essential component in delivering successful educational programs. Many pupils struggle with organization, time management and study skills, and without proper coaching, they can fall behind. Thankfully it’s never too late to help them find an approach that works, and now is the perfect time to start.

On sidewalks throughout Northern Virginia and the Washington D.C. metro area, shopping bags are being replaced by backpacks as students wrap up their holiday break and return to classrooms for the second half of the school year. The New Year also brings the perfect opportunity for a new start—a new approach—to test prep and studying. In the fiercely competitive systems of Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria and the surrounding areas, it’s particularly important that students have the skills required to excel. Educational Connections Inc. (EC) tutoring helps build those skills and the confidence required to implement them.

EC’s trademarked in-home student coaching, test prep and tutoring services have helped thousands of local students from kindergarten through high school. With over a decade of experience tutoring, EC identifies three key areas that are imperative for student growth—and the tactics to ensure proper development.

  • Time Management: Students are incredibly busy. Between extra-curricular activities, complicated social lives and demanding school days, academic demands can easily fall through the cracks. In some cases, looking at bigger projects becomes too overwhelming and students don’t know how to manage the various steps. Student coaching helps pupils complete long-term projects by breaking them down into manageable chunks, and it teaches them to schedule homework time in a realistic manner. Tutoring helps students identify what time of day and environments are ideal for them. Other tactics include tackling difficult subjects first, taking breaks, and studying in several smaller time blocks instead of diving into overwhelmingly long sessions.
  • Studying & Test Prep: Like it or not, scores matter. A lot. Course and exam grades heavily influence a student’s future, so if he or she struggles with test prep, the consequences can be dire. Student coaching provides valuable studying and test-taking skills, including memory techniques, note-taking that reinforces lessons, and active reading strategies.
  • Organization: Students who are chronically disorganized tend to feel overwhelmed and thus avoid homework and procrastinate studying. Disorganization also makes it easier to make careless mistakes and harder to retain valuable information. Student coaching helps such pupils create and implement a system that keeps all school materials, binders, bags and lockers organized and clear. Coaching also helps students prioritize daily homework assignments and other tasks so they can better achieve their educational goals. Tutoring enables challenged students to set up routines and build structures that guide them, and to use tools like assignment notebooks for support.

Students who struggle are often bright and capable. With tutoring and test prep, their true potential is revealed.

For additional assistance and information on helping your child or student achieve their academic goals, check out these additional Northern Virginia tutoring and test prep articles from Fairfax’s own Ann Dolin M.ED. and Educational Connections, on “How to Help with Math“, “Calming the Homework Rush“, and many others.

Northern Virginia Private Schools for the Gifted – DC Metro Private School

Discovering that your child needs accelerated learning opportunities here in Northern Virginia, Fairfax, Arlington or Loudoun is a slow surprise for many of us, and one that’s not easily accommodated or fostered by typical school systems – public or private. Certainly it might be evident to you as a parent that by preschool, you’re finding your child is very bright, has unusual potential, quickly picks up new skills and is beginning to outpace many peers and the instructional resource available. It’s much tougher to convince most schools and teachers, however, of what you intrinsically feel and know as a 24 hour parent – when the school system only has a limited perspective of your child’s accomplishments, and are also measuring your child’s needs against the many demands and realities of educating hundreds of students from all kinds of backgrounds – especially in Virginia under both a difficult economy and the institutional pressures of the “Standards of Learning” (SOL) program.

An advanced learner or gifted student in Northern Virginia is, however, pretty easy to recognize as early as Kindergarten and 1st grade, when they’re rapidly learning early reading, writing and math techniques. It’s even more evident that your child needs a differentiated or accelerated curriculum by mid-late elementary school, when the realities of say Loudoun or Fairfax gifted school offerings are beginning to fall dramatically below those necessary to sustain an educational trajectory that leads to successful placement in competitive high schools and academic programs, success in advanced “AP” or “IB” classes and ultimately matriculation at the best country’s best universities. In the public school systems (i.e. Fairfax and Loudoun), true “gifted and talented” programs do become available by middle school, but these basic “enrichment programs” may be too little, too late to truly offer your advanced child the challenges they need and deserve.

In Loudoun County, the “SEARCH”, “SPECTRUM” and “FUTURA” programs are enrichment programs that are provided to those that meet minimum criteria including a student profile, teacher rating, ability test scores and achievement test scores. The modest differentiation offered through these programs, however, is limited to the simple additional pool of students thus identified, and not to individual learning needs nor are they fully immersive (i.e. full-day). Fairfax does offer a more targeted and flexible Continuum of Gifted Services in grades K-12 with more options for individualized attention, yet still suffers from very high class sizes (up to 32) and corresponding high student-to-teacher ratios (and therefore much less individualized attention) across all programs.

Northern Virginia private schools are an option to seriously consider to successful fulfill your child’s differentiated learning needs. Most DC metro private schools in the area, however, are simply more controlled, exclusive settings with additional enrichment opportunities and smaller class sizes, along with somewhat more independence on the part of the faculty to be flexible about class assignments and adding or removing extracurricular programs. Only one school in this area is exclusively and successfully focused on the individual academic needs of truly academically gifted students. This includes a teaching environment that’s caring and attentive, respectfully acknowledging of parental input, is led by true “Master” teachers and is utterly responsive to each individual child across the entire spectrum of their whole-school experience – the Nysmith School for the Gifted in Herndon, VA.

The Nysmith School for gifted and talented learning in Fairfax, Loudoun and surrounding areas is a truly unique, award-winning, fully accredited and nationally recognized coeducational K-8 school with a myriad of benefits over and above other Northern Virginia public, private or religious schools. Fairfax full-day school, preschool and after-school programs are available under an admissions process that carefully identifies the need for accelerated instruction and individualized academic attention. The classes include a very diverse yet warm and loving group of children and teachers at ratios ranging from 1 teacher per 7-10 students, with 2 teachers in every class.

Nysmith School for the Gifted provides an academic environment that is thoroughly advanced and specifically designed to meet the unique educational, social, and emotional needs of gifted learners in Fairfax, Loudoun and surrounding Northern Virginia and DC metro area (bus service is available). The school boasts many academic honors and awards each year, in internationally-recognized programs ranging from Odyssey of the Mind, Wordmaster and MathCounts, to a recent Top 10 listing on the very prestigious Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth “2009 CTY Talent Search”.

Many successful student alumni are currently attending the very prestigious Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, along with other nationally-recognized high schools in area including Episcopal, Madeira, Foxcroft, National Cathedral School, Landon, St. Pauls, Lawrenceville, Phillips Exeter, Durham Academy, Bullis, Sidwell Friends, Flint Hill, Emma Willard, the George School, and Wakefield. Many others are in Fairfax, Falls Church, Loudoun County, and Prince William County Schools taking AP courses or following the IB or Cambridge Programs for advanced students. After high school, Nysmith graduates have attended top universities around the country, including UVA, Virginia Tech, MIT, USC, SUNY, Brandeis, Dartmouth, Brown, Mary Washington, George Mason, the Air Force Academy, University of Saint Louis, and Rensselaer.

If you are discovering, or already know, your child’s unusual and limitless academic potential is being underserved by your local school offerings, visit the Nysmith School for the Gifted private day school and full-day preschool in Northern Virginia. As current Loudoun parents of a bunch of very happy, motivated and inquisitive children at Nysmith, we highly recommend this Northern Virginia private school as the most challenging, experienced and yet successful, individually-flexible and wonderfully attentive school and teaching staff available in the area.

VA DC MD SEO, Internet Marketing, PPC, Web Video Training Announced

Learn Integrated Online Marketing/Advertising, Branding, Web Design, SEO, Social Media, Analytics and Internet Video – in Northern Virginia, DC metro area.

As 2009 draws to a close, it’s become very apparent that 2010 will continue to be an extremely challenging year for businesses seeking new customers, and new ways to market and advertise their brand and services. As well, the ability of Northern Virginia and DC-area professionals to effectively learn and leverage new Online Marketing and Internet New Media/Web 2.0 skills is hampered by the current lack of expert yet cost-effective, local and hands-on Internet Marketing/SEO training. Add to this the dizzying proliferation of Social Media publishing and analytic tools, the rapid change in the search engine technologies and video media industries, and the quickly-growing competition for eyeballs and click-throughs from the web – it’s about time for some local solutions.

Local Internet Marketing and Media Workshops

KME Internet Marketing (KME) in the DC metro area is holding the first of an upcoming series of professional Internet Marketing and Media Workshops on January 29th, 2010 – from 9AM to 2PM, at Trivision Studios in Chantilly, VA.

KME is the region’s industry leader in providing cost-effective yet engineering-grade solutions for online marketing, social media optimization and analytics-driven Internet marketing management. Trivision Studios is a full service global creative design, branding and media production group, operating a 12,000 square foot, state-of-the-art studio facility complete with staging, lights, cameras, two-story loading dock, meeting space, media room, and omnimedia edit suites.

Melanie AlnwickOur special guest Workshop lead is Melanie Alnwick, an instantly-recognizable local DC TV anchor, reporter and journalist. Melanie will be providing significant insider-knowledge and guidance regarding attracting broadcast media attention to your business and story, preparing for interviews, producing and submitting highly-effective video for broadcast or online business purposes. Kelly McLaughlan, CEO of KME Internet Marketing, will lead sessions on SEO, PPC and Google Analytics. Trivision Studios will provide corporate branding and web video production and distribution expertise. Ted McLaughlan – Enterprise Information Management and Media Architect – will provide professional insight into Digital Asset Management and Internet Media Distribution.

What You Get

This packed 5 hour hands-on Internet Marketing and Media workshop will deliver a package of information and guidance you can immediately use, including:

  • Online Branding and Creative Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Website Reporting (Google Analytics)
  • Digital Asset Management, Optimization and Distribution (RSS) – for Advertising and Marketing
  • Pay-per-Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Local and Regional
  • Social Media Optimization and Reputation Management – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Online Web Video Production and Optimization
  • Harnessing and attracting Broadcast Media Exposure

There simply doesn’t exist a more comprehensive, experts-led, cost effective or personally-tailored workshop event in this area for business owners, marketing and communications managers, journalists, new SEO/SEM professionals or other technology and new media practitioners. Don’t bother with online, out of state webinars or academies, online or offline degrees costing thousands of dollars from questionable sources, community-center seminars by industry amateurs, or other less-than-professional sources for a rapid, intense and ultimately valuable infusion of truly local Internet Marketing and New Media knowledge.

  • Where should I post my advertisements online?
  • What are the short and long term priorities for better search result rankings, for my website?
  • What are the keys to successful PPC investments?
  • Is my marketing budget being spent wisely, integrated and balanced across relevant channels?
  • How can I make sure my brand supports my marketing goals?
  • How do I use reports and analytics to support my marketing objectives?
  • How much time should I spend on Social Media, and why? Can or should I do this myself?
  • Can my web designer deliver SEO services?
  • What should I do to get free, effective exposure for my business in the press or news?
  • What should be in my marketing videos?

We’ll explore these questions and collaborate in the workshop sessions to arrive at the best answers for you and your business in the Northern Virginia, DC or Suburban Maryland region. You’ll get some immediate answers, some strategies to follow and resources to help.

Who Will Benefit the Most?

  • Local and regional business owners whose websites haven’t demonstrated success in drawing highly targeted traffic for more sales
  • Affiliate marketers who want to increase conversion rates by getting their product pages to come up higher in search results
  • Webmasters, graphic designers or photo/video experts who want to offer their employer or clients more comprehensive services – not just website building, creative design or basic media products
  • Bloggers, writers and journalists who need their content distributed and ranked high in search engine results
  • Anyone who wants to make a career change – to work in-house as an SEO/SEM specialist or begin SEO consulting by learning the latest SEO techniques
  • Marketers, Advertisers, Communications and PR professionals in a highly competitive industry who are under pressure to increase their brand’s visibility to reach the correct audience, while keeping costs under control

Take charge of your business marketing and advertising budget, get involved in the Web 2.0/Social Media evolution, promote and protect your brand on the Internet!

For more information about the KME Internet Marketing and Media workshop, including upcoming dates, times, location and registration, visit KME Internet Marketing – SEO Training and Education.

Loudoun Lenah School Site Paramount – Dulles South to Supervisor Miller

A bit of “hyperlocal” community activism in Loudoun County’s Dulles South region – the massive wave of school overcrowding beginning to lap at the shores of the existing school infrastructure requires new schools quickly, in this fastest-growing area of all the Metro DC region. The local representative, however, is resisting constituent pressure in favor of short-sighted, temporary fiscal relief – to the disbelief of concerned Loudoun moms, dads, and their students.

More at Dulles South – Loudoun County Lenah Schools Gateway blog entry.