Career at Home Seniors and Grandparents (CAHS/CAHG) – Where to Start?

Interacting with various grandparents of friends and family over the past few months, it’s become apparent that there aren’t many resources easily available to help Seniors/Grandparents successfully negotiate the twin challenges of mastering Internet tools while extending or beginning a new career cycle – working at home. I’ll call this demographic “Career at Home Seniors” (CAHS) or “Career at Home Grandparents” (CAHG). CAHS seems more inclusive, though doesn’t necessarily include topics, opportunities or the help that may come from your children.

Why is this important? Many reasons, ranging from the economy forcing Seniors to re-initialize careers and jobs, the incredible potential for at-home income-producing opportunities made possible via Internet tools and social media, and simply the desire of many Seniors to continue “giving back” or at least leveraging lifelong skills and experience for the good of their community, family and business networks. All the communications, education and community advantages the Internet provides Seniors aren’t a new concept – but the real need, and real opportunities, to forge a new or extended career at home by leveraging Internet new media capabilities is a relatively unexplored topic.

All over the Internet are loads of “opportunities”, scams and entreaties to engage Seniors in all kinds of “Work at Home” activities (i.e. WAHS; “Work at Home Seniors”)…but most are day-to-day jobs or taskings, with little equity-building potential (in terms of income or knowledge) and short shrift given to leveraging and creating value out of past career experience and long-term relationships. Typical Work at Home Senior opportunities do not yield lasting value for Seniors, or their partners and families.

To truly create or extend a real career at home, as someone who may have retired from the daily grind, and is looking for low-impact but highly intellectual pursuits, the first step is not an online job search, or even an online “Web 2.0″ training course. It’s really what we call a “knowledge management” exercise…Basically, if you were to categorize the kinds of subjects you know most about, the type of people and organizations with whom you’ve got relationships, and the specific skills you’re good at on the Internet, what would these be?

Read more about this Career at Home Senior topic, at Fulcrumpoint – Achieving Professional Balance for Men and Women.


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