Two Factor Authentication Identity Management by Anakam wins Government Security News Homeland Security Awards

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – November 2, 2009 –Anakam TFA® Two Factor Authentication has been selected as the winner for “Best Authentication/Identification Product” at the GSN: Government Security News 1st Annual Homeland Security Awards competition. About 300 government officials and industry executives packed the grand ballroom of a Manhattan hotel on Oct. 27, 2009 to witness GSN announce the names of the winners in multiple security categories.

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Anakam is headquartered in San Diego, though with offices around the country, including a substantial presence here in Washington DC and Northern Virginia – where Anakam supports Multi-factor Identity Management, Authentication and Secure Collaboration system and product implementations for eGovernment clients, including National Defense, Homeland Security and Intelligence Government customers.

Wikipedia defines Two-Factor Authentication as follows: “An authentication factor is a piece of information and process used to authenticate or verify the identity of a person or other entity requesting access under security constraints. Two-factor authentication (T-FA) or (2FA) is a system wherein two different factors are used in conjunction to authenticate. Using two factors as opposed to one factor generally delivers a higher level of authentication assurance. Using more than one factor is sometimes called “strong authentication”, however, “strong authentication” and “multi-factor authentication” are fundamentally different processes. Soliciting multiple answers to challenge questions may be considered strong authentication but, unless the process also retrieves ‘something you have’ or ‘something you are’, it would not be considered multi-factor.”

Allan Camaisa, Anakam’s Founder and CEO, was on hand at the GSN ceremony to accept the Anakam “Best Authentication/Identification Product” award personally. “We are honored to be receiving this award for our efforts to deliver a truly unique technology which provides for the trusted identity management of citizens logging on to Government portals- thereby allowing agencies to provide more valuable online services at a greatly reduced cost.”

“Congratulations to Anakam, our winner in the “Best IT Authentication/Identification Product” category, whose innovative technology enables massive scale, cost-effective and secure two-factor authentication for eGov applications. Anakam’s system has enabled remote identity proofing and strong authentication for millions of citizens, while lowering costs of service delivery dramatically by shifting to Web-based applications,” said Adrian Courtenay, Chairman of GSN.

This technology is extremely important in enabling greater security and privacy protection with respect to the proliferation of eGovernment services expanding through leverage of online Portals, Internet-based Web 2.0 technologies and mashup widgets, and government-branded social media channels – accessed across an extremely wide variety of fixed and mobile devices. Check out in LinkedIn the “Anakam Trusted Identity” and “Homeland Security Information Sharing and Social Media” groups and topics for more related information.

Anakam’s winning entry, Anakam.TFA® Two Factor Authentication, provides enterprises with trusted access through two-factor authentication without the burden associated with issuing tokens or cards and by harnessing the ubiquity of common devices such as cell phones and pagers. Winners in each category were carefully reviewed by a panel of judges and chosen out of multiple entries.

About Anakam

Anakam enables strong identity authentication and identity management at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions, without encumbering customers, partners, and employees with cards, software downloads, tokens, or fobs. With tens of millions of end users, the Anakam Identity Suite® is unique in the industry, providing end-to-end multi-channel capabilities that allows enablement of secure, trusted eBusiness to very large user-communities in a single platform. The suite includes two-factor authentication, remote identity proofing and identity verification, professional credentialing, and secure collaboration and authentication. For more information, visit


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