Sharepoint Saturday, Baltimore, 6/25 – Blackstone Technology’s Kenneth Lo

Kenneth Lo, a Blackstone Technology Group Microsoft Sharepoint Consulting Architect, will be speaking at the upcoming “Sharepoint Saturday” conference 6/25 in Baltimore, MD. His topic “Designer or Custom Workflows – Do I Look Fat In This?” answers questions including “what is a workflow?”. “How can it be applied to automate and manage business processes?” The concepts of workflows and the different ways to quickly develop lightweight workflows that integrate with SharePoint will be covered. In addition, the pros & cons of developing workflows in SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio and K2 blackpearl will be examined.

Blackstone Technology Group’s Washington DC office provides full-service IT Consulting, Systems Integration and Program Management services to Government and Commercial clients, including the Department of Homeland Security. Blackstone Technology’s specialties range from IT Governance and SOA Integration Architectures, to Microsoft Sharepoint and CRM solutions. Blackstone Technology Group also offers Information Sharing, Management and Social Media strategies aligned with corporate or government policies.


2 responses to “Sharepoint Saturday, Baltimore, 6/25 – Blackstone Technology’s Kenneth Lo

  1. Many thanks for your post. I hope to see you at the upcoming SharePoint Saturday event!

  2. Hi there,

    In case you are interested, I have uploaded the presentation slide to

    By the way, SPS Baltimore actually took place on 7/25 🙂

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