7 Strategies for 2009 Florida Commercial Real Estate Investing and Tax Reductions

(Why Florida? These are great Commercial Real Estate Investing Tips and Techniques for ANY market, including the Washington DC and Northern Virginia area commercial real estate markets.)

Although the South Florida Real Estate Market has taken its lumps from
the continuing economic decline, there are a number of avenues to
pursue and advice to follow that can help maintain and improve the
value of your Florida commercial real estate investments. Florida commercial real estate tax reductions are a tactic that the most well-informed Florida commercial real estate investors use, regardless of market conditions, and especially at this time.

“The poor economic outlook and the severe disruption in capital and credit markets seems to indicate that it’s a good time to stand firm, whether buying or selling, until there is clear evidence that economic and financial markets have stabilized. However it is precisely this type of cautious behavior that keeps downward pressure on market activity, creates no or limited value for investors, and most importantly constrains one’s ability to catalyze wealth creation. Florida commercial real estate investors who are ready to take advantage of once-in-a-generation opportunities will do well in South Florida in 2009 and 2010.”

Edward A. Kearney, CCIM, Managing Director, Sperry Van Ness/Kearney Commercial Realty, Inc., South Florida

Florida’s most experienced commercial real estate tax assessment, consulting and asset recovery specialists at Sperry Van Ness South Florida Commercial Real Estate Investment Services can provide the services and expertise you need to navigate this very challenging upcoming year, to extract maximum return from your real estate investments, and to protect or recover value from the assets you already own.

For example, the Florida Asset Recovery Team at Sperry Van Ness (SVNART) was created to provide any client a single full service resource for the efficient and effective workout and disposition of any real estate related asset – including loans, portfolios and individual properties of all asset types. In addition to delivering optimal returns to their clients, SVNART and their strategic partners provide expert guidance throughout all phases of the Florida commercial real estate market lifecycle including Broker Opinion of Value, Appraisal, Marketing Proposals, Market Research, Leasing Services Property Management, Asset Preservation, accelerated Marketing/Auction, Sealed Bid, Investment Brokerage Services, Leasing Services and Loan Sales.

The real opportunities in today’s difficult but navigable Florida commercial real estate market are not found by following simple collective wisdom or “the herd mentality”, but can be found in the application of any or all of the following Seven Strategies for 2009 Florida Commercial Real Estate Investing. These strategies are precisely the kind of professional commercial real estate advisory services offered at West Palm Beach, FL offices of Sperry Van Ness and throughout the surrounding areas.

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