New Freelance Journalists – The Top 5 Features of the Best Online Marketplaces for Selling Articles and Internet Content

Hey all you newly out-of-work newspaper, nonprofit newsletter, advertising/copywriting, sitcom or fashion magazine DC journalists and writers (or wanna-be’s) – here’s some advice about selling and publishing your content.

Leveraging the Internet for raising and making money is now, more than ever, a very interesting and accessible proposition. The advent and rapid growth of Web 2.0 tools and resources for creating and aggregating interesting content and sharing it with others has made the prospect of getting paid to write now more reasonable than ever. Online authors have an incredible array of outlets and tools at their disposal, presuming their writing and research skills, audience sensitivity, creativity and knowledge of the subject are up to the task. Writing itself isn’t easy, but making money from your original, written work is getting a lot easier.

This is especially relevant today given the dramatic reduction of printed newspaper and magazines, the reduction of journalistic outlets in favor of consumer-generated content, and the overall transition of information sources for most consumers to Internet media.

Some methods of earning money for writing, however, are quicker and easier to return legitimate income than others, and there are always a lot of risks to avoid. Your original work can certainly be bought and sold through direct contact, posting and advertising. You can certainly also self-publish, and derive income through subscriptions, advertising or other methods of monetizing the content or the website it’s delivered through. However, by far the best method for securely exposing your talent, setting your price and attracting the widest variety of legitimate, recurring buyers who will truly promote your work – is to use a professional online article marketplace. There do exist a number of these online article selling and buying forums, but here are the top 5 features to look for in an online marketplace for selling articles and other content you write for the Internet.

1 – Ease of use – The online article marketplace for content writers and purchasers should be very easy to use, easy to understand from a service agreement, legal and privacy perspective, and easy to collaborate with the authors and site administrators.

2 – Breadth of content – The marketplace for online articles should include a wide variety of subjects and topics from authors of many different genres, enabling you to most easily describe and differentiate your product, and attract publishers who are looking specifically for your kind of writing. A wide variety of legitimate topics from authors around the world will draw many kinds of publishers, representing online magazines and newspapers, blogs, ezines, advertisers, marketers and other online content distributors.

3 – Legitimacy and value of content – Online material submitted, bought and sold in an online article marketplace should be fresh and new, unique, attractive, interesting, expert, helpful, useful or otherwise exhibit real value for targeted or interested publishers. Online article outlets and markets that police themselves, by enabling voting and reviews of content among the purchasing and publisher’s community.

4 – Marketplace exposure – It must be easy for publishers and website owners or advertisers to find the article marketplace, and therefore to find your great material. The more effective the marketplace is in promoting its inventory, its authors and its return on investment to purchasers – the more effective it will be in marketing and selling your product, and making you more money.

5 – Protection of your valuable assets and reputation – The marketplace must place a premium on making sure the legal contract between an article buyer and seller is maintained and secure, by not allowing illegitimate use of content before it’s purchased, and by guaranteeing the content is unique, unduplicated and fully observant of all copyright protections.

Observing these 5 top features to look for in an online article marketplace should help you quickly choose and leverage an online article market that best meets your needs – and delivers you real income. One newer example of an online destination for buying and selling written articles, that appears to meet these criteria, is .

TopicWrite makes quality Internet content available to website publishers while providing an outlet for writers around the world who want to do what they love (write) and make money. All content is fresh and new, and available for exclusive rights to the purchaser. As a writer, you can sell original content and articles for extra income, and reach a broad base of website owners, ensuring top dollars, while increasing exposure for your work around the globe. You can build network of customers that will continue to bring you business, while TopicWrite takes care of all the payment requirements through Paypal accounts. Website owners and publishers can purchase original content specific to their needs, receive it within minutes, and own a 100% copyright for the material – guaranteed by the seller to be absolutely original material.

Try as a means to fulfill your online income-producing needs through sales of your original content, or to purchase unique and original creative work from legitimate, accomplished authors – more being added all the time.


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