PAX River NAVAIR Job Fair Lexington Park MD – Mar. 19, JT Daugherty Conference Ctr.

On Thursday, March 19 at the J. T. Daugherty Conference Center in Lexington Park across from Gate 1 NAS PAX, NAVAIR Special Recruitment Branch is holding a job fair seeking 400 or more qualified scientists, engineers and business specialists to fill much needed vacancies.

The job fair will open at 10 a.m. and run strong until 6 p.m. in hopes of filling vacancies across the spectrum of hi-tech jobs. Prospects attending the job fair are encouraged to, “Become part of an organization that will let you make a difference to the country and the world. Discover the possibilities that a Civilian Career with the Department of the Navy can offer you.”

Read more at PAX River Online.

A note from the JT Daugherty Southern Md Conference and Events Center and Cherry Cove Hospitality – come early, plan your time wisely, and carpool as possible – this event is already looking to be very well attended..

Overnight accommodations for the event are available at the co-located Lexington Park Hotel at the Hampton Inn, or at these other great Southern MD hotels.

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