Take a Clue from California for Detoxifying Stress Relief – Eat Rocks

Detoxification is all the rage lately, with celebrities from Beyonce Knowles to Gywneth Paltrow claiming they diet to detox. But recent research has shown rapid changes in your diet can be dangerous.

What can we do, then, to rid our bodies of daily toxins and chemicals in our food and the environment? An organization specializing in ionic clay mineral supplements might just have the answer.

Ionic Minerals Clay Supplements for Detox

Eat rocks (well, “clay”) to relieve stress and detoxify yourself.

The minerals – for people, animals, and environmental health – are naturally made with a fine-powdered ionic clay mineral compound (calcium montmorillonite) known as ION-MIN. This product, which you can eat, use in clay baths or use in colonic detoxification procedures will detoxify toxic chemicals inside and out. You can even give it to your pets.

Sounds a lot better than fasting for a week, now, doesn’t it?


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