Veterans Charity Raffles for Veteran Service Dogs and Fundraising

There’s a very special charity raffle underway to specifically benefit the Virginia-based “Paws4Vets” foundation, US military veterans and associated nonprofits.

Veterans Charity Raffles Fundraising for Veterans Service Dogs

Retired USAF Colonel Mike Turner remarks “Join me in helping paws4vets(TM) match trained Service Dogs to soldiers returning home with PTSD, brain injuries, blindness, physical disabilities and burns. In over ten years as a fundraiser for non-profits, I’ve never seen so much value added at every point in an altruistic program. Our wounded vets are thrown a lifeline to find their way back to their loved ones. The dogs, often rescued from certain death, are restored to health, cared for and loved for the rest of their lives. The prison inmates training the dogs for our soldiers get self-esteem and post-prison job opportunities for the first time in their lives. And this revolutionary way for all of us to support our vets also gives you extraordinary odds to win hundreds of prizes up to $1M.”

Simply visit the Paws4Vets veterans charity raffle to buy raffle tickets, and support these worthy causes.

If you represent a Veterans charity or nonprofit of some kind, and want to learn more about raising money through nonprofit charity raffle fundraisers, contact nonprofit fundraising solutions.


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