Virtual CIO Service in Northern Virginia

Do you have a trusted business advisor that understands strategically leveraging IT to grow your business? Is this person also trying to sell you equipment and software? If yes, are they really looking out for your interests?

One of this things large businesses understand is the need to have good people, preferably gifted and experienced people, looking forward to help the business achieve its strategic long term goals, with the help of Information Technology capabilities and services. The best people merge strategic vision, with IT investment management and governance skills, with the ability to manage staff to “keep the computers running”. That is the short job description of a Chief Information Officer.

Smaller businesses can be at a disadvantage in this realm – there generally is not a “critical  mass” of work to require a full time CIO but they still need the strategic experience and tactical management that a CIO would bring to the table. Is this an intractable problem for smaller businesses?

Not with the help of a “Virtual CIO“.  Read More at RondoTech Consulting of Northern Virginia… 


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